How To Shop: The Statement Sweater

Striped Turtle Neck:  J.Crew // Tile Stich Sweater:  Banana Republic // Cable Knit Sweater:  Uniqlo // Cricket Sweater:  Uniqlo // Ribbon Red Turtleneck: Loft

Lately my go to outfit has become a statement sweater, boyfriend jeans and kitten heels. But when I buy something I make sure I wear it out, so it has to be good quality. (After all, that’s what strategic shopping is all about.) We all love good quality clothes, but we’ve all been there; we see something cute and don’t even hesitate to buy it. While I’m all for cute, my sweaters have to be good quality too. It ein’t gon’ look cute after it pills two days later.

How do you know what’s a good quality sweater? Hint: It’s not just by feeling it. There are so many acrylics that feel just like cashmere, but pill faster than you can blink. You gotta read the label. Anything made of natural fibers is clearly good, but there are still some things to keep in mind. If you’re like me, you love comfort. There’s no way in hell, I’m buying a bunch of wool sweaters to be itching for days. Cashmere? who doesn’t love it, but no one has $200 to shell out for a sweater. (Unless it’s a gift, hint hint). Shopping for a good quality statement sweater is not simple at all. That’s why I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite sweaters (up top) and places to shop for them (down low) so you can't go wrong. Black Friday Deals & all!

1. Banana Factory (50-70% off):  I love their sweaters because they’re cute, but they also make nice blends. They mix man-made with natural fibers for the best of both worlds. If you’re shopping for sweaters at Banana, I’d say go for one like this. You get all the good qualities of cotton, plus a little nylon to help the sweater retain it’s shape. 

2. Uniqlo ($15 off $100): This is more for basic than statement sweaters, they have cashmere sweaters on promo for $50!!!!!!! Need I say more?

3. J.Crew Factory (50% off): It’s a little annoying that J.Crew doesn’t give you the full details of the content in the sweater, but I trust them enough to know that I’ll be good quality. However, I do read the reviews, just in case. J.Crew is my favorite for stylish finds.