Style File: Alexandria Geeter

Style File is a new series featuring everyday women and their style. We select real women with super busy lives, working 9-5's and often hustling with a little something else on the side. Despite their busy lives, these women show us that you don't have to be a celebrity or full time fashion blogger to master great style. Here is where they share their approach to fashion & shopping secrets with all of you in the hopes that you'll be inspired to take on style too. 

Scarf: Loft // T-Shirt: Lush via Nordstrom // Necklace: Baublebar // Clutch:  Volcom via Nordstrom // Jeans: Topshop via Nordstrom .

"My name is Alexandria Geeter! I’m the blogger behind Labels & Vintage. I was born and raised in NJ and currently live in the New Jersey Suburbs with my fiance soon to be husband in September! I studied fashion merchandising at LIM college and have worked in the retail industry since I graduated in 2012. In my current role I focus on ecommerce merchandising."

//ON PERSONAL STYLE : "I would define my personal style as classic and casual with an edge if that makes sense! I never like to be uncomfortable but I don’t ever want to be considered boring when it comes to style. I’m not a fan of bright color and prints, so I like to add in some edgier pieces (mostly vintage) to keep my style interesting! I definitely feel like I have my finger on the pulse of what’s going on with fashion and style. However, I never let outside influences dictate what I wear. To me it’s great to be aware of the current style and trends out there but you should always stay true to what makes you feel the best."

//ON THRIFTING: "When I was younger my income definitely dictated my style. Especially in college! Shopping vintage and thrift stores helped me find cool inexpensive pieces to mix in with my current wardrobe (still does!)....My favorite tip to give people new to shopping vintage is to start with accessories. They are the easiest to integrate into your current wardrobe. I wear a lot of vintage scarves, costume jewelry, and I utilize my vintage bag collection all the time! Vintage accessories are the perfect pop of uniqueness and won’t overpower a modern outfit."

//STYLE STRUGGLES: "I think my biggest struggle would be constantly reaching for my favorites silhouettes. I’m not one to really branch out of the box which is a good thing but could also be a bad thing. I have to remind myself that It’s okay to experiment sometimes! Instead of overwriting something, I try it! Even if it’s just in the fitting room and I don’t end up buying it. If something catches my eye I’ll give it a chance instead of saying no. 

//THE MOTTO: "My personal motto is to never compromise your comfort. When you feel uncomfortable, you look uncomfortable and that never is the way to go! Wear clothes that bring out your inner confidence whether that’s a simple white tee and jeans or a dress and heels. When you feel good, you look good!"