Styla Sessions: danilsa

My usual blog posts for styla sessions include a bit about the person's life and their relationship to style. This time I wanted to go in a slightly different direction. In this Q & A style post, I'll not only be sharing Danilsa's relationship to style but her take on this styling process; her fears, challenges and successes. So here goes: 

How would you define your personal style?

I'm really laid-back. I like being comfortable and looking cute. That's pretty much it. I don't like trying too hard or making much of a fuss to put on clothing. That's me.. it's just like I can wear a pair of sneakers and be fine for the rest of the day. Like, I don't like being fancy :: laughs:: 

(During our styling consultation Danilsa and I created a styla-spiration on pinterest to really focus in on her personal style. Check it out here.

What are were some of you biggest style challenges before this styla session ? 

Buying for my body shape was my biggest challenge because I didn't know what it was.....and figuring out how to combine things. I'm still working on wearing prints. I don't know how to mix and match prints without it looking too complicated. (Style Tip: Easiest way to mix prints is by styling a striped top with a floral bottom) O000h & wearing color!

What have been your biggest successes after the styla session? 

That freakin' shirt definitely made me feel mad poppin' (a red orange blouse I had picked out during our shopping session). Yes, I don't do reds or oranges, unless they're like that muted orange, but red mmm.. no. But the whole day everybody was complimenting me. Before I even left the house my mom was like "oh that color looks really good on you,' and then when I got to the office within a span of 15 minutes  like 3 different people were like, "that shirt looks really nice," and I'm like yo was I dressing like shit before? ::Laughs: But, I'm not gonna lie like when I first put on the shirt I was like alright I feel like this color is too bold for me, but I'm going to give it a shot. After all of those compliments I was like, oh so I should wear this color more often, cus' apparently it's my color. 

How do you feel like this process has changed your style or the way you shop? 

 When it comes to shopping I am now more open to buying something that's a color that I wouldn't have bought before. In the color palette there were still some colors that I would normally stay away from, but now I'll try it. 

How did you feel having me as your stylist? 

The one on one personal .. like one, I felt like I was a celebrity because there was someone in the fitting room with me telling me what worked and was picking out my clothing. It took the pressure off of trying to figure stuff out. Like we spent the whole day trying to do it, but it didn't feel like I spent the entire day looking for stuff. I like that you are able to tell people what is going to look good on them, but at the same time you allow them to pick something out themselves without automatically shutting it down until they see it on themselves. You were really  laid back about it. You didn't do any of the body shaming stuff and I feel like that's a lot of people's fear. They think the stylist is going to make them feel uncomfortable about how it is that their body looks.