Styla Sessions: Lisedia


Leather Jacket: Topshop (similar here)// Pumps: Zara // Skirt: Topshop (similar here) // Sweater: Banana Republic (Similar here & here) // Necklace: Forever21 

Part of the reason why I love being a stylist is because I meet all kinds of hard working and truly inspiring, kick-ass women. Lisedia being one of them. 

I think the most difficult but important job any woman has is being a mom. However, Lisedia has been so busy being a mom and providing for her kids that she’s forgotten about herself. When I sat with Lisedia for the first time, I could sense she was starting to make a change. Getting back on track with fitness, reaching towards bigger and better goals at work, and looking to perfect her style. 

From the start, Lisedia knew what she wanted to look like and I saw it in her. She is this really powerful, sexy, yet sophisticated woman who has a bit of edge. Her closet however, said mom that has given up. Prior to our closet consultation Lisedia owned a lot of clothes —thirty plus pairs of jeans and a gazillion blouses — but nothing to wear. Why?  She wasn’t shopping strategically. Whenever she had somewhere to go she’d rush into a store looking for something stunning, but leave with yet another basic pair of jeans and blouse combo.

 How did I get her out of this horrible habit? We shopped together.......strategically. After looking through her closet and building a pinterest board of style inspiration, Lisedia and I put together a list of necessary essentials and shopped them. We moved from jeans to trousers and g’ma blouses to sexy ones. I even managed to get her in some skirts; my most difficult accomplishment. 

Part of my job is helping women move past their insecurities and accept their imperfections. Like many women Lisedia has her self-doubts. She’s lost some weight over the years and toned up. She looks incredible, but somehow never felt comfortable in dresses or skirts. Yet, here she is looking confident as ever in one & I couldn't be prouder of her!   

Lisedia was raised in the upbeat and diverse Lower East Side neighborhood. 

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