three questions to always ask yourself before leaving the fitting room

The decisions we make while shopping are some of the most difficult. I mean who wants to leave the store with a $200 dress they're only gonna wear once?  If that's the case, why buy it?  But how do you know if it's gonna work? How do you know if you truly love it? Ask yourself these 3 questions and if the answer's yes leave the fitting room.........and run.  

1. Is it my style?

The answer's yes if its something you feel comfortable and yourself in. If you're a not a girly girl, then don't buy florals. Not into the athleisure trend, why buy track pants? Maybe the piece is similar in color or shape to something you've had and loved in the past. Whatever it is, just make sure its YOU.

2. Does it fit me well?

Any dress can look good on a hanger, but if it doesn't fit you just how you want it to, its almost not worth it. I say almost because there is always the possibility to tailor, but only if you love it enough to pay the extra cost.

3. Does it go with almost everything in my wardrobe?

Ok maybe not everything. But if you can visualize wearing the item with 3 other things you already own, then it's a win.

*Bonus: If your first thought after you see yourself in the piece is no doubt a positive one then it's a win. After that you should take it off and run to the register before you change your mind. (Just make sure you don't run out naked, of course)

If all else fails and you have to leave the store empty handed, do it! Never settle for something you don't love. 

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